Королев, мкр."Юбилейный",
ул. Лесная д.14, 2 эт., оф. 8,9.

ЩелковоТалсинская, 59/5, офисы 212, 213

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Тестирование на уровень знания английскго языка для beginners/elementary

  1. __________ (Me, my) name________( is, are, __ ) ___________.
  2. I _________ (is, am) ____________eight (year, years) old.
  3. I _________ (lives, live) in ____________ Korolev.
  4. I have/have got a friend. (She, he, his, her) name ____________ (is, are)
  5. I __________(like, likes) ice-cream but my friend _________(likes, like) sweets
  6. My friend___________(have/have got, has/has got) a teddy bear.
  7. I have/have got a house. (it, he) _______(is, are,___ )________big.
  8. My father and my mother (go, goes) to work every day.


  1. It ________________(rains, is raining) now.
  2. The sun___________ (is shinning , shines, shined) in the summer.
  3. Look! That man____________(tries, is trying) to open your car.
  4. He usually_____________ (go, goes, going) to work by bus.
  5. “Hurry up! We’re late”. OK, ____________(I come, I coming, I’m coming).
  6. Lena is looking for her pen. She__________ (lost, has lost, lose) it.
  7. Andrey didn’t have a car before. Now he has a car. He_______________ (bought, has bought, buyed) a car.
  8. You are eating in a restaurant. The waiter thinks you’ve finished eating and start to take your plates away. You say: Wait a minute! I ___________________( didn’t finished, haven’t finished, don’t finish) eating.
  9. Arthur is a friend of (me, mine)
  10. What time ______________(you get, did you get, you got) home yesterday?
  11. I _______________(getting, got, get) home__________(in, at, on) 10 pm yesterday.
  12. Where ________ (  ___, is, are) your cat?
  13. She _______ ( ___, is, are) ______ (in, on, outside) the table.
  14. Where is ____________ (___,the, a) teacher?
  15. Do you know where _________ (a, ___, the) London?
  16. Yes, London is in ( __, a, the) United Kingdom.
  17. Nick worked as a bank manager between 2010 and 2014. He now teaches English. So he _______________(use to, used to) work as a bank manager.
  18. It only takes me ten minutes to drive to work now that I have bought a new car. It ______________ (take, used to take, took) me more than thirty minutes before I bought my new car.
  19. ______________ (I fly, I’m flying, I flying) to London tomorrow.
  20. The plane (is departing, departs, departed) at 5 pm.


  1. It’s 2 pm now and it started raining in the morning and continues to rain up till now. You say: It_____________________(is raining, it rained, has been raining) since morning.
  2. You started living in Oxford in 2011. It’s 2015 now. You say: I ______________________(lived, live, have lived, have been living) in Oxford since 2011
  3. I ___________________(living, live, have lived, have been living) in Oxford ___________( since, for ) 4 years.
  4. You are not sure if you will go London. So you say: If I (will go. Go, went) to London, I ( will buy, buy, bought) you a souvenir.
  5. You don’t have a car so you can’t go to the countryside. You say: If I (have, had) a car, I _______________9 (would, will,) go to the countryside.
  6. You don’t have fresh vegetables because you can’t go to the countryside. You say: If I __________ (went, go) to the countryside, I ____________(will. Would) bring some fresh vegetables.
  7. You failed you exam because you didn’t prepare for it well. You say: If I ____________________(prepared, had prepared, prepare) for the exam well, I ________________(would, will, would have) passed it.
  8. You don’t have a brother or sister so you are always lonely. You say: I wish I______________ (have, had) a brother or a sister.
  9. You don’t have wings therefore you can’t fly. You say: I wish I__________________ (can, could) fly.
  10. You didn’t listen to your parents’ advice and you fell into trouble. You say: I wish I (listened, had listened) to my parents’ advice.
  11. You went to the barber this morning and he cut your hair for you. You say: I _______________(cut my hair, had my hair cut) this morning.
  12. The plumbers are fixing your friend’s tap for him so you say: My friend is (fixing his tap, having his tap fixed).
  13. “Here is your appointment letter. Please ____________(go through, go in) it”.
  14. In Britain, criminals can’t ______________ (get out, get away) with crime.
  15. Her car (ran out, ran in) of petrol yesterday so she walked to the garage to buy some.
  16. She’s such a responsible lady. She always (carries on, carries out) her duties diligently.


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Для прохождения тестирования, Вы должны  выбрать из представленных уровней, предположительный для себя уровень и  выполнить задания.   Если Вы не знаете что выбрать, то выберите любой один или два теста. Мы дальше сами определим Ваш уровень.

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